Ella Wesly 



I'm glad that you've decided to visit and explore my site!  I hope that I can give you a good idea of who I am and what I do.  


As an artist, I am exploring form in all that I do.  I also work heavily with culture and who I am as a person reflected through my art.  I wish to explore how form affects motion and action in line, shadow, and three dimensional space.  


In my drawings I work with a very organic line that leads the eye around my work to create forms and depth in my work.  Many of my drawings are conceptually geared towards my life as a student focusing on both art and medicine.  I bring my studies of anatomy, physiology, microbiology, and chemistry to drawings full of layering and patterning.  I have also worked to connect these subjects with other forms of art, such as my years studying dance and concentrating in ballet.  


Furthermore, in my paintings I have also explored connecting various forms of art and the art of science.  However, I currently have been working with the affect of culture in my life.  I wish to express to the world the importance of ancestral history.  I have been studying where I come from and how my childhood combined Dominican and Polish traditions.  


In painting, I have also brought the concept of form to the table and working with an undulating depth.  I explore various painting styles as I work to create a large scale impression of peace or chaos through the tension of fabric and the human figure.  


This exploration of form is most noticeable in my ceramic work, which is a movement towards bringing comfort and concept to functional design.  


Lastly, my adventures are cataloged in photography.  To me, film photography is a more of a catalyst that brings forth questions of society and sexuality.  My work in the dark room is meant to emphasize the fragility of human life and the importance of documentation.  


For me, art is as necessary as breathing and I hope that I have given you a taste of where I find inspiration.  If you have any questions please feel free to utilize the contact button to the side.  If you would like to see my work on display please wander through my schedule for upcoming shows.  


Thank you for you time and keep searching for your next adventure.  

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