The National Council for Education of the Ceramic Arts sponsors a grand Ceramic Artists Conference yearly in different places in America. This year brought ceramics artists from all over the globe to Kansas City, MO for the 50th anniversary of the conference. Walking through the conference and manning the Clemson University Masters Program information booth put me in contact with some personal idols. Below I've attached pieces that were particularly inspirational to experience. I've only seen these works in books and through the internet, so to see the specific details and care pushes me to get back into the studio and get to work to build up my skill. I also had the privilege of attending a lecture by Clare Twoney, where she spoke of spreading ideas and information with pottery. Her carefully constructed pottery has reached people internationally as she's given them away for free in the gallery space. Her concepts are invigorating and fascinating.

This community and gathering space fosters learning and discussion among ceramicists. The NCECA conference is unique in its size. As ceramic artists we are given this venue to really get to know our fellow workers and what is being made in real time. With more than 6,000 ceramic artists present for a four-day period, one can get feedback on work, learn about process, consider new concepts, and experience incredible pieces. Overall, NCECA is a worthwhile conference that was amazing to attend and a resource that will continue to grow as the ceramic community expands.

Pictured left to right:

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