Decals are a specific process that can be applied to ceramic surfaces to add specific drawings. Here I've printed and applied iron-toner decals. These decals are printed using a decal printer and they come out black with iron in the ink. The decals are then cut out, soaked in water until soft, and the backs are removed like stickers. While the decals are wet they stick to the glaze surface easily and can be places anywhere on the pieces. Then the pieces are fired to cone 04, a bit higher than luster-firing temperature (meaning you have to do this before you can add luster, or gold). During this firing the plastic of the decal burns away and the iron in the ink design is left over. This is the decal. I enjoy this process because it shows delicate and specific drawing and lines in a clear way. Moving forward, you'll be seeing more of this process popping up in my work!

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