Glaze Mixing

For every ceramic artist glaze is vitally important. For every piece, even if one spends weeks and weeks sculpting as the clay goes from wet to leather hard to bone dry, the glazing process can destroy the piece. I once had a friend say, "You should spend an equal time making the work and glazing the work."

This could refer to more than the process of dipping or spraying glaze, it is the preparation of the glaze as well. With a multitude of books out there about glaze mixing and glaze recipies, its easy to find hundreds of different glazes and processes. This week I just started the process, by making the glaze. I made a few gallons of clear glaze for the studio. It's a simple recipie, but done wrong I could affect many other people. If too viscous there could be holes, if too much of one ingredient there could be bubbles of glass. Overall, this is one more step in the process of making work.

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