Working on surfaces allows for a multitude of possibilities for functional design. Here I am working with mishima and china paint. Mishima is the process of carving into ceramic ware and then filling the carved lines with a colored slip, underglaze, or glaze, then wiping away the excess. The carving here is done while the ceramic is bone dry or leather hard, then bisqued. After the bisque, the cup will be painted with underglaze, then the excess shall be wiped away. This process allows for very sharp or clean lines or patterns.

To contrast this process is china painting. As I experiement with china paint I have found a variety of results. Here it has been layered using a clove oil base which allows for running. The china paint is applied to a glazed surface then fired to cone 017 and runs more within the kiln. Overall the surfaces and processes bring forth very different affects and therefore information.

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